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Assistance for counsel in all legal fields virtually. Scheduling, drafting, preparation, filing, and researching remotely, saving significant overhead costs. With the ability to meet directly with clients in the evenings and on weekends, there is no need to miss regular working hours for most. Matters are moved through the legal system and deadlines adhered to. Specializing in the complex issues regarding Family law as well as Criminal, Wills & Estates, Civil Litigation, Real Estate and Corporate/ Commercial matters.

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About Kimberly Pinheiro

Kim Pinheiro Kimberly provides cost effective, efficient legal assistance and support to counsel with respect to Family Law, Criminal Law, Real Estate Law, Corporate/Commercial Law, Wills & Estates and Civil Litigation.

Kimberly consistently provides services according to the specifications of statutory requirements, The Law Society of Upper Canada, her principal's instructions and office procedures. She assists in maintaining the authority and dignity of the courts and the integrity of the legal profession.

Recognizing the value of a lawyer's time, Kimberly provides relief from routine legal and administrative matters and assists in the more complex ones. In a professional and competent manner, Kimberly acts as a liaison between clients, lawyers, and judges.

Kimberly performs a wide variety of tasks such as conducting legal analysis, conducting research and preparing draft opinions for cases that will act as the foundation for lawyers as she assists them in building their case. This includes legal documents such as Statement of Claims, Statement of Defense, Answers, Requisitions, Applications, Motions, Conference briefs, Legal memorandums and affidavits.

Kimberly is constantly up to date and providing information about the priority of the cases and the status of each case.

With respect to a lawyer’s time and their client’s retainer, Kimberly is considered an asset to both by creating a smoother flow and a more cost efficient account to the benefit and satisfaction of both her principle and their client.


Passionate about law and driven to succeed for the greater good. Proud supporter of First Responder's and the thankless work they do. A true advocate for PTSD and those affected by it. Fully supporting ending the stigma surrounding PTSD for all of our men and women in service to us. Member of Badge of Life Canada and in full support of their initiatives. If you are a member of any emergency service, First Responder or a Military Veteran, a Will and Powers of Attorney can be drafted for you with all proceeds going to support PTSD for your peers. Please contact me for more information.


Why use a freelancer?
To keep your matters moving forward in a professional and expedient manner.
Freelancers can help with a single file or multiple files.
Long term, short term, leave and holiday coverage available at a great rate.

Available evenings and weekends to better serve your clients and their busy schedules.

Dockets and reports delivered weekly with a full account of all activity on the file.


Doug LewisDirector at Ontario Provincial Police Association
Director at Ontario Provincial Police Association

Kim is a strong advocate for members of the policing profession, passionately defending the rights of members, especially those experiencing crisis. I am proud to call her a friend and colleague, and heartily recommend her services and assistance.

Neil DavidsonCaptain at Waterloo Fire
Captain at Waterloo Fire

Kim is a strong advocate for all of us Emergency service workers dealing with PTSD. It only been lately that this is a recognized issue among Emergency service workers and Kim is leading the charge for us. She knows what its like to have friends who suffer from this and gives the guidance and her expertise on the directions we should take. Kim is an excellent speaker on this topic and an advocate for us all. I highly recommend that if you are struggling with PTSD or any other legal challenges to talk to her. She is a strong voice, a power house and will get the job done.

Brad DurstVP Police Association at Durham Police Association
VP Police Association at Durham Police Association

I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Kimberly's' strong commitment to mental health advocacy. I have had to opportunity to work with Kim as she has fiercely and tirelessly fought to support a member of the policing profession who suffers from PTSD. The member was seeking to sign resignation papers. Kim would not tolerate such actions. Kim spent countless hours of her own time to speak with people in the mental health field as well as labour representatives. Kim was able to assist this officer with getting back on track . Though the work is ongoing, Kim still stays committed to a successful conclusion to this issue.
This is just one example of Kim's strong commitment to Police Officer mental heath and wellness advocacy. She is currently working on some worker advocacy projects that I strongly recommend you get in touch with her and see if her programs may be beneficial to your members.

Chris FernandesChris Fernandes Deputy Chief, Policing Operations at Durham Regional Police Service
Deputy Chief, Policing Operations at Durham Regional Police Service

I have known Kim Pinheiro for over two years. She has been a great supporter of policing and people that work in this industry. Kim has shown genuine interest in the wellness, safety and support to my profession. She has graciously offered to draft Wills & Powers of Attorney for first responders to show her unwavering support. I find Kim to be professional, respectful, kind and compassionate. She also possesses a tremendous passion for everything that she does. Kim has gained my trust and respect over the time that I have known her. I would, without hesitation, recommend Kim for any position or opportunity that she pursues, and would gladly be a reference on her behalf.

Chris JohnstonChris Johnston
Senior Director, Strategic Business Developement at Jones Packaging Inc

Kimberly has demonstrated the capability of synthesizing family law issues, completing in-depth legal research and communicates with clarity. She also understands that it is necessary to pay attention to details with a systematic approach to such cases and has consistently exhibited such an ability. Kimberly’s knowledge and real life experience makes her a great resource and help with a variety of family law problems. I recommend Kimberly as a great first touch point when navigating family law issues.

Michael "Mike" J. AllardMike Allard Police Sergeant at Waterloo Regional Police Service
Police Sergeant at Waterloo Regional Police Service

Kimberly’s work is impressive to say the least. She is very dedicated and determined to compile all relevant information which offers a thorough product. Kimberly exhaustively researches every matter she is tasked with so there are never any surprises or arguments.
Kimberly is knowledgeable in all aspects of law. The briefs she constructs are well thought out, concise, thorough and well organized thus making it easy to read and utilize. It is obvious that Kimberly is a driven, confident individual and undoubtedly enjoys the work she does. She definitely excels at her work and is truly focused on helping people and her clients. I highly recommend her and in my opinion, it’s your loss if you don’t employ her abilities.

Gary WamboldtPolice Officer at Waterloo Regional Police Service
"Police Officer at Waterloo Regional Police Service
Kim assisted me with some family court paperwork and made a very stressful situation much less stressful.
I was absolutely impressed with her knowledge of the family court process.
I have since referred her to fellow workers and friends.
I admire her professionalism and knowledge.
I sincerely recommend Kim to any one that needs help and guideance through a very frustrating family court system . .

Stephen MichaelStephen Michael, Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public

Kim has been assisting me in my family law practice since October 2015 and I have found her to be a tremendous asset in that regard. She is clearly an intelligent woman and has been able to work independantly, interviewing clients, drafting documents, and addressing issues and corresponding in respect of same. I have been able to go into court with minimal in involvment on my part and present the case effectively to the satisfaction of clients and the Court, and with good results. She is diligent and conscientious in her work and has excellent 'people skills'.

Guy D. E. Farb
Barrister, Solicitor

I have had the good fortune to have Kimberly as my employee in my law office since August 4, 2014. In that time, Kimberly has discharged, in exemplary manner, the many functions of a legal assistant in a small firm including but not limited to reception and client management, internal filing and file organization, scheduling and time management, document drafting, serving, court filing, account drafting and cashflow management. We have worked together successfully serving my clients in the areas of family law, corporate -commercial law, real estate law, estate law, criminal law and litigation. In her work at my law office, Kimberly has acquired a very high level of competency and her work has been careful, accurate and timely. She has done all of that with great enthusiasm, good nature and compassion for my clients.


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